Welcome to C28 Franchising!

Thank you so much for your interest in our company. C28 is a Christian retail store chain offering an alternative to the mainstream mall stores. C28 comes from Colossians 2:8, Not Of This World (NOTW), all about Jesus! C28 was started 6 years ago in 2001 and now consists of 4 Franchise stores and 6 Company owned stores. C28 was developed with the desire to reach the lost and to service the needs of the youthful Christian lifestyle! The clothing, accessories, music and jewelry reflect a clean and positive lifestyle.

C28 is a place where business and ministry meet to glorify God, where business people can fully utilize their God given gifts and talents for the Lord. Through God's grace and the ministry of C28, over 8000 people have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and we praise God! And because prayer is encouraged at each C28 store, customers lives are changed and blessed!

We know when considering a new business there are options, yet having C28 as your Franchise Partner brings you the benefits of an established national Franchise brand. From starting up your C28 store, to running your day to day business, C28 is with you all the way. C28 offers the proven retail systems, the developed supplier base and the marketing experience of a market leader to help you succeed. And because our NOTW clothing brand is owned by C28, you receive the margins and consumer recognition your business needs. Additionally, our C28 Franchise formula allows our growing internet notw.com business to share with you the sales generated within your C28 store geographical area!

C28 provides guidance in store site selection, mall lease negotiations, architectural store design, store construction, software/computer selection, store fixtures, product merchandising and inventory management. From store pre-opening assistance to the store grand opening, our team is with you. Before your store opens, you receive 4 weeks of training in our C28 stores in Southern California. Just prior to your store opening, we train your sales staff in store operations, product knowledge, sales training and evangelism training. Once your new C28 store is up and running, our C28 franchise team provides you with ongoing operations and sales guidance you need.

The C28 Franchise process starts with your prayers, your application, preliminary meetings, then the C28 Franchise agreement. Our C28 Franchise support staff team consists of 3 seasoned executives, 1 district sales manager, 3 merchandise buyers, 2 information specialist, 1 product development manager and 3 NOTW designers. All coming together to assist you in the day to day operations and the retail store sales. Our team is a group of highly trained professionals eager to help you!

If you are strongly considering a C28 Franchise we want to hear from you. We require a proven love for Jesus, business experience and adequate capital before starting. We ask that you please review our C28 Franchise site fully, and then let us know your thoughts. We are eager to answer your questions. Again, we thank you for your interest in C28 Franchising and may the good Lord bless your future efforts.

By His Grace,

Aurelio F. Barreto III
C28 Licensing, LLC
Founder & CEO