Servant Of God Dear Heavenly Father,I come to you in prayer for your child Rosemarie.Father the enemy is invading her thoughts with lies and I now ask in your name Lord Jesus Christ to replace those lies with your truths.I plead the blood of Christ upon her mind and ask for divine protection from these attacks.May she put on The Armor of God each day and use her Bible as a sword and to read it each and every day.There is power in your name Jesus and I encourage Rosemarie to use your name in commanding the enemy oflies and deception to get behind her as she puts you first in her life.May the Holy Spirit fill her mind with peace because The Spirit of our Lord Jesus never will fill her head with lies and cause confusion but bring to her a calm mind filled with the truth.I ask this in Christs name and so it be done.Thank you Father God.Amen 2 Years Ago
Servant Of God I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago