Servant Of God Greetings Heidianna.Father God I come to you this day and pray for Heidianna to accept you Lord Jesus Christ into her life. If she has any sins to confess may she do so in prayer to you Lord.May your Holy Spirit enter her life and make any changes that needs to be Lord.May she read her Holy Bible daily anjd begin to learn and lean on your understanding Lord. Your words are written to be answers to any area of our lives that we have questions about.I pray Lord Jesus that when giving her life over to you to run completly and sincerely she will begin to experience peace in all areas of her life.It is my prayer dear Lord that she finds a church for support and fellowship with other Christians and attends on a regular basis.May she go to the head of that Church dear Lord and may your Holy Spirit speak directly to her through that person.May she wera the armor you provide for protection and read her Bible daily.May she give you praise Lord for all that is right and good in her life even though she may not find much to be grateful for right now.May she get water baptized and may you use her life as n example and testimony to other;s one day Lord.I ask this in your name Jesus Christ Amen! And I thank you for this answered prayer. Thank you Lord. 2 Years Ago
Servant Of God I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago