Jessie I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Lupe Hello John, did You know God hears your prayers as well, even when it seem He doesnt answer He always does, we just need to train ourselves to see the multi-ways in which He responds. Father God, thank You for John, thank You for creating him and for the many plans and goals You have for Him, plans to prosper and a good future. Father I especially ask for spiritual healing, Father strengthn his faith in You, may it be like a mustard seed, that flourishes and grows to be gigantic and beautiful. Father I bind the spirits of oppression, depression, and anxiety away from him...I speak, "Peace !" to his spirit, mind, and body, I declare it is Your righteousness that reigns in him and not his own, Father, I say John does not lean on his own understanding but in all his ways he acknowledges You, O great Creator and sustainer of the Universe! Be Blessed, in Jesus!"Clearwater" 2 Years Ago