Lupe I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago
Lupe Hey Kaitlin. I was alot older when I got my liscense, so I know how you feel...Be encouraged, not passing a test does not make you a failure, with some of us, sometimes it takes longer; patience. ..Father thank you for Kaitlin, thank you Father that it is You that cares about all things concerning her. Father I ask that You grant her boldness and courage to try again, I ask that Your great favor would be upon her as she dares to try again, grant her the boldness and courage she needs from You, Kaitlin, did you know that 2 3=5, This is the # of grace in the Bible. Grace is Gods unmerited favor, so see even Your age is testifying Gods hand upon you...Be blessed...CLEARWATER 2 Years Ago