Jonathan couple of typos there... where is says Play I obviously meant Pray... .. Hope everyone reading is following what Im saying.. its a bit difficult to type in the dark lol 2 Years Ago
Konnie JOnathan, I do hope and pray that you are given Devine insight as to how to navigate the abnormalicies that are pushed up in our faces through problems we face in life. My prayer is that the Holy spirit brings a sense of comfort to you in all that you encounter. God does understand that when others see a willing heart to serve God that sometimes, things can be mis understood. We as christians must take upon ourselves an active role to persevere and to pray about things we will leave in HIS hands if he asks us to do so. I pray that in the Name of Jesus that anything that comes around you is there to lead you and guide you into Gods wisdom and plan for your life. 2 Years Ago