Daryl R Endicott Heavenly Father, I stand together with my brother Rodney in his moment of suffering. In your word, it is written that our lives will be filled with pain and hurt when we choose to follow You. We however are not alone in this world as You have sent Your Word, and the Helper. God I pray right now for Rodney and his family. I do not know him personally, but as a brother in Christ, I wish to stand with him against these dark forces and I pray for deliverance of him, his grandfather, and this woman named Brittany. There are times in this lifetime that only You can heal a broken heart, save a sinner, or redeem a fallen child. It would appear that this grandmother has lost her respect of her spouse and is not living a life according to your word. Lord, please touch her heart and show her the error in her ways. Further Lord, I pray that you will give Rodney strength as he is looking for new employment. I pray that he will find a job or career in which he can spread Your message and display Your love to others. It takes a strong man to admit when he needs help, especially when he comes to his brothers and sisters in Christ. He has conquered the fear of ridicule and become humble as well as meek. Lord you specifically stated that “blessed are the meek,” Lord I ask that you would now bless Rodney and his family. Only You can help him in this time of need. In your heavenly name I pray, Amen. 2 Years Ago
Ivan I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago