Daryl R Endicott Heavenly Father, again I stand together with my sister Heidianna in regards to her financial hardships. It would seem Lord that there are a great many of your children falling to this adversity. Lord, you know my heart, and you know my situation. I would not wish for another child of yours to face the same things I am, and have been faced with. Lord, pour out your blessings and benevolence upon this family. It is apparent that they desperately need you. Please Lord, hear our cries of assistance, in our time of need. Whether or not Ms. Heidianna obtains the employment she desires, or you give her a greater opportunity, Lord give her peace and a sound mind. Your your Heavenly name we pray, Amen. 2 Years Ago
Rachel heidianna i am sending prayers your way! just an idea but trying looking into other jobs that might be offered throughout the county that you live in where your son attends school, i am a school teacher and when we dont have jobs many other times we will call our hr to send that parent a job list! 2 Years Ago