O.0 God, please heal Curtis wife of her fugue and give him the strength and ability to help his family. You LORD are our strength, and our healer; please be their strength and help them. I also lift up their daughter, that she may get down to a healthy weight for her age. And also Curtis and his wifes weight, that they will be able to shed the pounds they need to. Please keep them healthy, safe, and joyous! In Your Awesome and Powerful name we pray, amen. Youre in my prayers Curtis :) 2 Years Ago
Kathleen Father bring this one to prayer and speak to him there so that he trusts You to speak to his family. Young man I hear " just love" and God will do the work needed. Just pray and he will answer this in his way and time. Pray without ceasing to the Father and be patient with Him and persistant in prayer until the anwer comes. 2 Years Ago