Sarah32 Lord God, I pray for Isaac that you would give him a heart of laughter, which is what his name truly means. That heart of laughter can only come from you, Lord. You are the only One who can bring true joy into our lives. I pray for restoration over Isaacs marriage, finances, and life as a whole. Lord, repair the broken walls in his life, my dear Jesus. Isaac, just wanted to mention "Love and Respect" has saves thousands of marriages. Theres a book, bust also a DVD (which is very informative, yet very funny at the same time). Also, "Love Dare" based on the movie "Fireproof" is awesome as well. But more importantly, the Bible and a focus on Jesus is truly what will save your marriage. Books will create a short spurt of growth, but if its not based on something solid, something (or should I say Someone) who is immovable and forever consistent, then it will be all for not. It will be meaningless. Blessings to you! 2 Years Ago
Gabriella I committed to pray! 2 Years Ago