Teresa Heavenly Father, I pray right now that the evil ways of the enemy be loosened over Kayla's life. I pray for for her spirit and mind to be filled second by second with Your Love. Lord you said where 2 or more gathered, that you are in the midst of them, we join together RIGHT NOW and rebuke the Distraction, Destruction and Deception and send them straight to Hell where they came from! I ask Right Now Father for peace and comfort over Kayla's life. I pray that you would place Kayla in a safe place with somebody that would befriend Kayla in Godly way that you approve of. Lord I thank you for the testimony that will come from this. Your Word says that You make all things work together for our good! Thank You Jesus! Heal Kayla Lord! Heal Kayla Lord! Heal Kayla father from any brokenness and pain. Heals her wounds. Restore life into her Father! Bring her a spirit of Joy that would be overflowing where her peers would want to be like her, to ultimately be like You Father! I pray this in Jesus Name!!! Amen! 2 Years Ago
Julie I commit to pray! 2 Years Ago