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Chalsea Please pray for my church. I attend a mega church and we received new pastors about 2 years ago, and things arent going so well. A lot of members have left b/c of this. My church is becoming racist, or shall I say, the racism is surfacing, with the add of these new pastors. They refuse to hire ppl of a certain race, and only hires their friends. What makes it obvious is that they recently fired a black employee, whom EVERY1 knows was a HARD worker and did things that did not pertain to her job title for them! Also, our pastor is being hyprocrite about his sermons, and says things for us to do that he himself doesnt. A lot of members say they arent getting fed, and Ive tried to encourage them to see past his flaws and ask God to speak to their hearts regardless; however, it is been hard for me to get fed myself! I feel I get most fed by spending time in my Bible alone @ home rather than w/him. Ive prayed for God to intervene but its really hard for me. Church feels like a social gathering, rather than Gods house! To many backbitters and gossipers are there and finding a true man/woman of God is like finding a needle in a hay stack! The new pastors dont seem to care about our youth and since, we have lost a lot of young people in the church. Our founder is always travelling so he isnt always around to see what happens, and always praises the pastor for the job he does, but its obvious from the door what is going on there, he just doesnt want to believe! Please pray that God steps in and revives my church before its too late! 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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