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Melissa Dear God,Please help my mom. She has been struggling with being sick for about three years now. Doctors finally know what is wrong with her and I would like to do anything possible to make her life more at ease at home. I have not been acting like the best daughter lately and I have fallen in many areas of my life. I would like to show my parents that I can be a better daughter and live in your everlasting light and forgiveness. I want to become a better follower of you God. I want to live my life on this earth as you have planned for me to do. I would like to overall be a better student in college, have more supportive friends, a better home life, and I would like to have the love of my life back. As you know we are trying to work through our struggles and become better people for not only ourselves but for each other. I would like to thank you for bringing this wonderful man into my life and I would like to prove to you that I can make one of your many children happy for a lifetime. Thank you for all that you do for me everyday. Please help me not to fall into the temptation of committing acts that you would not want me to do. I have made a celibacy pledge to not only myself but I am now making that promise with you. I will respect your wishes and wait until I find my true love. 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Vincent I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Rachel I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Rachel Just wanted to remind you that Gods love is everlasting. He is faithful; He loves you through all your struggles. God bless! 5 Years Ago
Stephen I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Fight.for.christ. I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago


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