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Deborah I signed the paperwork out of anger! He was suppose to attend counseling, but the church is completely booked up for "Marriage Counseling" for about one month or two. He seriously has psychiatric issues and holds me responsible to help him out of it! I feel like my hands are bounded and dont know what to do at this time! I feel useless and at a loss of words right now, so if you read this and think Im mumbling then its because Im in disbelief that I did this! Was this the right thing to do? Am I making a mistake? Or should I find out later in life that this was destined!?! Because hes Eastern Orthodox, his friends are telling him that because I didnt convert to Orthodoxism and we were orig married in a Roman Catholic Church then our marriage NEVER received its blessing from God. I told him NOT to listen to such rubbish! He wants me to convert, but I refuse! I was given a 2nd chance and chose to walk with the Lord! Ive NEVER looked back! answered 5 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 5 Years Ago): Its rare when I ask anyone to pray for me! This time Im in desparate need of prayer! My marriage is in turmoil! Dan wants divorce and Im against it! He believes hell be able to answer unanswered questions and clear his head if we go thru the divorce and continue living under same roof. He states "Its just a piece of paper! No big deal! Divorced people live together in sin ALL the time!" Im upset of course and mentioned its not according to what God would want us to do. He becomes quiet whenever I mention the bible or God! He has a different faith thats why! He refuses counseling from everyone, he said he can counsel himself (!?!) or he can confide with his bf on certain issues. I know we have some issues to workout! I have gone to counseling for myself, but he REFUSES to go because "the counselor doesnt know his soul". I want to do the right thing, but hes so adament about it! We just celebrated our 13th anniversary recently.
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Janique I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
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Fight.for.christ. I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
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