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Anthony It took all of about 15min. for the jury to come back with a unanimous decision of not guilty on both counts of Agg Felony DUI. All my family and friends were estatic but I was very satisfied because I gave my problem up to God and new that he would deliver me. Remember, I was not driving, I was trying to follow the law and have a desinated driver. Obviously, I trusted the wrong person. I have a good job, I coach youth football and baseball. I read daily devotionals, the bible, and pray with my son every night that I have him and yes I was doing all this before my ordeal. Just because people make mistakes in their past for various reasons doesnt mean they can not be godly people. I can honestly say it was a miricle from god today. There was also another miricle, it was from the first trial. You see that jury came back with a guilty verdict. The MCSO officer was getting ready to handcuff me and take me away for 1-3years. However, One juror stood up and protested firmly almost with a passion that she did not agree with her guilty vote. So they had to deliberate again and it ended in a mistrial. One woman, I can honestlty say that was Gods hand at Work. My lawyer said he had never seen that happen in all his 30yrs of practice and the judge agreed saying that there was no precedent for what had happened. We all know exactly who is in charge GOD. My Jehovah, my Yeweh, my Lord and Savior. There is no other court or Law above his. I am 34yrs old and I hope my story helps others who have falsley been accused of something or seem to be facing extreme odds. If you wondering about the cop during the first trial I got a chance to be alone with him in the restroom. I told him that I forgive him for what he did to me. That I had to let go of any hate or discontent in my heart for that is not the christian man that I am. I refused to let bad seed into my heart that would disrupt Gods blessing. His name is Officer Chad Wright of the Gilbert Police. There are many articles and blogs on this guy for I am not the first or last person he has done this to. I hope that by forgiving him it will plant seeds of love in his heart and make him think twice if he does this again. Amen and thank you for your prayers, all of you, God Bless You. answered 5 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 5 Years Ago): It all started Nov.10 2007, My best friend of 20+ years and I were going to have some drinks. We had agreed before the night had started that he was going to drive my vehicle because his ins. and registration were past due on his truck, Also, I had previous trouble with drinking and driving in the past and thru lessons learned will not Drink and Drive. So were having a good time with two other buddies we met up with at the bar and decide to leave to visit another bar down the road approx. 1 mile away. So as my buddy pulled out of the parking lot with our friends behind us he noticed a cop on the corner. so after making a complete stop and then proceeding, Boom the cop is in pursuit passing our friends in the car behind us but not activating any lights to pull over. My friend emediatley turned and then turned again into a commercial bld. complex yells at me"get out,walk, Im still on probation". I wanted to stay there in the passenger seat but I freaked out and started moving fast. Long story short the cop sees both of us but I regain my senses and stop for I had done nothing wrong. So my friend gets away because he jumps into the other car which the officer notes and I am getting slammed to the ground. He then becomes irrate with me because I wouldnt sqeal on my friends and threatens to pin it all on me and quote "make me pay" because of my previous DUIs years ago. My friends agreed to stand up for me in court and they have even the driver who incriminated himself because he had to do what was right. Now, after one mistrial I sit again waiting for the jury to make a decision tommorrow. I want to ask anyone to please pray with me as I Plead the Blood of Jesus upon the courtroom and the jurors to see Truth, deliver justice of freedom, and Gods Will be done. Amen. He is my "Jehovah Nissi" Victory in defeated places. Interesting that because of this ordeal I have been able to witness Gods glory and three people close to me have accepted Jesus Christ into their lives. Glory be to God.
4 Prayed
Charles Heavenly Father, Holy is Your Name. We are all sinners and we are not to judge. You are the judge. You are full of Grace and Mercy. You are already using Anthony for Your purpose. Praise Your Name. Hear his prayers. Through Your Spirit help the people to see the truth. Through Your Spirit may Your Will be done in this court room of law. You are the God of Justice. May Justice be served in Your name. Give Anthony Your Strength and Courage to stand strong and in Your Name. Let Your Peace surround him so that all May know You are his Lord. In Jesus Name. 5 Years Ago
Skittls well we all make mastakes just pray that u learn from it 5 Years Ago
Ruth I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Ivan Dude, i just had to comment on this. Its a real blessing to hear that Anthony, and it is encouraging to know that you showed Christs love to those who wished to do you "harm". Given the circumstances, I know that was Christ working through you. Praying it leaves a lasting effect on those who were involved. God bless! 5 Years Ago


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