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Christian God is certainly in the process of answering my prayers, and I would appreciate continued prayer for personal calling, ministry, and purpose along with the salvation of my family. I know now in part what He has told me He will do! It involves transformation in an unusual and purpose fulfilling way, and to use me and my family as an example to the whole body of Christ that He can turn around a seemingly hopeless situation and make it into a story for is glory. He wants us to believe Him for greater things than we have previously. Dont limit or confine Him! So many have endured terrible losses, and the enemy is relentless. Even in the current state of the USA, I believe God is going to revive and restore one more time, and that He desires that this generation is given to Christ, I am talking the whole generation and whole families. We are in the end times, but God desires that this last generation sound the shofar, go out with a bang! He wants none given into the hands of the Antichrist, and all men and women to repent and be saved. We can believe Him for great things, brothers and sisters. It aint over until God says so, and Hes still pouring out his grace and love in lavish amounts, signs and wonder, before the end of the age, as it says He will in the book of Joel, so it shall be! Keep believing in Jesus triumph at the cross qualifies us to receive Christs unsurpassed riches and full weight of His glory. Amen. Will notify you guys of pending breakthrough, but I believe God has already done it, and it will surely manifest in the physical realm according to is timing be blessed all of you, and thank you for praying! CDZ answered 3 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 4 Years Ago): Please someone pray that the Lord grant me both a personal vision and direction in my life. I lost a job recently, and theres no money. I desperately need Jesus to open my eyes concerning what Im in this world to do for Him, and how to utilize the gifts Hes given to me. In addition, I really want to be baptised in His Holy Spirit and with fire; so the only ones who can pray believing He will do this need to pray! Pray that Jesus would visit me… Also that Hed bring salvation to my unbelieving family: inc. my father, my brother and my sisters; all of them are "atheists", and I am praying that God will prove Himself in my life (since they mock me often) and that they will know Jesus is alive. Thank you, and God bless every one here, and especially those who intercede for me and my family. God knows the time is short, and the Bridegroom may come any day!
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