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Tasha I need prayer for forgiveness because a close guyfriend ((he is a youth pastor)) ended our friendship for no reason and I blamed his girlfriend for half of this ((idk her but she had something to do with this my spirit tells me))....I have this hate and anger,resentfulness towards him that I have never experienced Iam sooo hurt by everything he has done to me....we did get al little too close at one point but I feel like Iam being the one punished for my mistakes....My spirit is broken I havent been in church for weeks I just been working not to think about what happen it may sound petty to some ppl because they never really endured a real heartbreaking moment I cannot even see him without crying or getting angry....I dont talk to any pastor because I begin to see him and get agitated around him I have tried everything to not think about it but I feel nothing I asked is being answered....or resolved just pushed away he is treating me like Iam a devil girl, or stalker...but he makes it like he is helping me....I know I have to cope with all of this I did at one point fall in love with him before he met his highschool girlfriend the second one....and he lead me to believe that we had something going but he kept confusing me with his moods and then ignores me and say stuff intentionally to change the subject....I feel blamed for everything why did I deserve this did I deserve this....Iam soooo confused and fustrated my heart just has holes in it where other ppl just betrayed my trust I trusted him I gave my heart to him and he threw it in the trash like I didnt mean anything to him.....My heart hurts.....I want him to TALK to me not around chruch or his job or on the phone (he is being rude when he is on the phone with other ppl)....I dont talk on the phone unless it is an emergency or call in for work......I want him to sit me down and talk to me really speak from his heart how he feels about me and everything that happend I will listen I told him I always listen to him he does not believe in me or encourage me to get right with GOD....I dont have a church home and I dont go to church because Iam always working to even have a outside life.....Please pray I forgive it may take some years but I pray that he opens up I wont judge him because Iam not a perfect christian.... 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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