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Kelly Ive been walking with the Lord for about 3 years now. Well, a several months ago I fell into sexual sin. I repented with my fiance whom too is saved. We felt really bad about what had happened. Because of what happened I became pregnant, not just any normal pregnancy, an eptopic pregnancy. 2 hours of surgery, a liter of blood lost and child later I was hurt, spiritually and emotionally. Some people from church knew or found out and not one came to see me and pray with me. One person did tell me though that my babyís life could have been spared if not for my sin. Now Im here 1 1/2 months later hurt and confused. My faith is not as strong. My heart is broken. I feel dirty and trampled on. Iím depressed and have caught myself thinking at times that God should have taken me away with my baby. Sometimes itís hard to pick up my Bible because I feel soo ashamed. I know God has forgiven me, but itís hard to believe that he has.Please pray for me. 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Justin I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Rachel Spoon I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Serena because others condemn you doesnt mean that God does, he knows your heart and offers his unconditional love and grace. Sweetie dont let others ruin it for you, and dont beat yourself into the ground for your situation either, thats where satan wants you because he doesnt want you to grow. we are here for you! Lord Jesus i pray that you will overwhelm kelly with your Love and comfort her. i pray that she wil become more and more encouraged in you in this situation Father, please help her to get past this rut she has fallen into, please minister to her heart and reset that flame inside. thank you so much for being the God that you are; a God of miracles, Healer of the broken hearted, redeemer and savior. wrap your arms around her and give her that warmth. amen. He is our hope. In Psalm 34:17-18 (New Living Translation) it says "The Lord hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed."though you may feel like you are worthless, to God you are everything; worth dieing for. you may feel ugly and shameful, But God thinks you are most beautiful and fearfully created. you are his treasured posession. He is with you in your sadness, because he loves you and will heal you. it just takes time sis. 5 Years Ago
Juanita There is no perfect person, we all fall short @times n r lives. U serve a GOD that is Faithful 5 Years Ago
Gemy I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago


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