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Gemy Last Saturday,i was supposed to go to a party. Suddenly,we heard an old woman screaming and crying. we thought she was crazy,until we went to the terrace and saw blood on her forehead.she was in front of our house. my older sister grabbed some dirty pants of my brother and went to the crying old lady to stop her bleeding for my sister is a nurse.the old woman was actually a garbage girl. my dad called the police because my mom said that there was a man who carried a large piece of wood and the man hit the old woman intentionally. Well, the garbage girl was not the only one who was attacked by the guy. there was a blind male beggar,a teenage girl, and the deadliest,a 19 year-old boy student. since my sister rushed the old woman to the hospital, she saw all the victims.the 19 year-old boy was hit on the head, and nose.when my sister saw him, his nose was continually bleeding and was not aligned. the young students name was Roberto.Robertos parents are in Palawan,Philippines which is in the lower part of Philippines. while he lived in Baguio, which is in the higher part of the Phil. Roberto lives in an apartment.the suspect actually came from a family of mentally retarded,which passed on to him. he was already brought to the mental hospital because of his case. he was then brought out because he was getting better.this all happened last Saturday. the next day, we visited Roberto and his nose was bandaged,his deep cut in the head was stitched. i ask for a prayer for all these victims,and the suspect.most of the victims were less please, pray for them. :) 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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