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Virginia Praise God. Thats awesome. Its amazing how powerful the prayer shared through this website is. God bless answered 5 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 5 Years Ago): Ive repented of my sins to the Lord. But I still feel like Im not worthy to be forgiven. When sin comes my way instead of running from it I run to it. I just pray that Im able to fully submit and let God take control of my life because I know I cannot lean on my own understanding. Please pray that my life be completely sold out for Jesus.
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Anonymous Thank You God that none of us are worthy to be forgiven, but that through Your one-time sacrafice on the cross You have wiped away all our sins. Thank You for Your forgiveness and continue to renew our minds through the obedience of Your Word. We love You. Thank You for Virginia who thirsts for righteousness. She will be filled. Amen 5 Years Ago
Christian H God I pray that you reveal to Virginia that any conviction that is in her mind is not from you Lord, but from the enemy. Jesus did not come to this world to convict us, but to free us from our sin. God I pray that you give Virginia strength to fight the temptations thrown at her. God I pray that she is not debilitated or discouraged by her weaknesses God, for it is through her weaknesses that your power can be shown at its fullest. God I pray for patience, because all of your work is done in your time frame, not ours. God I thank you that even when we think that we are not following you as we should, that your hand is still in our lives, guiding us slowly to righteousness. I thank you that those who seek you will find you God. All this I pray in your name, Amen. 5 Years Ago
Called To The Nations I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Called To The Nations hey girl i know how that is because i have been their but just a reminder that God promises you that he will never give you anything you can not handle. Remember that even after that you have a relationship with God sin is still and forever going to be their but that is why you just cry out to God and ask God to KEEP EVIL FAR FROM YOU trust me i do that every day and God does keep it away though i am tempted i know that God has given me the ability to say no and turn the other way SO JUST BE STRONG AND CONTINUE JUST TO PRAT THAT GOD STRIP AWAY ALL YOUR WORLDLY DESIRES TRUST ME HE HAS DONE IT FOR ME SO HE WILL DO IT FOR YOU. GOD BLESS 5 Years Ago
Rachel I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago


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