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Benjamin hey everybody i feel like im going to astray from the lord...right after high school i wont feel entitled to nobody and im on my own and no one would know what i will be doing in college like partying and drugs.... i dont want this desire but i might go through it though so pray that God will do something miracolous or something because my faith is dying and i doont feel grace i dont feel mercy nor do i feel love....i question mysefl is this just something people believe in or what? i dont even know anymore....just pray... 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Rachel I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Rachel I think weve all been in your postion before. I have. But if you just keep trusting God, doing your best, and relying on him he will see you through. Im praying for you. :) 5 Years Ago
John Benjamin, there are times in life where your faith will be tested, especially with a lot of faithless people around you. They will ask why you spend time investing in your faith instead of spending time with them, or they may try to make a stronger case for their belief. This is where you need to be strong, but you do not have to do it alone. We are here to pray for you, and you can always post on my board if you wonder how to deal with wavering faith. In the name of Jesus, I pray for God to increase strength in you so that your faith may be stronger. I pray that the Lord lifts you up when you are down. I also pray, with love, that He humbles you as a check to you potentially putting yourself in a position where you do not need Him. Most importantly, let Ben know You are there, because he needs Your presence. 5 Years Ago
Cathy Benjamin, You are going into a new situation where there will most likely be temptations and unGodly opportunities presented to you. You will have choices to make between Gods way and the worlds way all through your life. Just because "everyone else" is doing it, doesnt mean you have to. You will know which choices are ones that will glorify the Lord and which ones will fulfill a short term "self" satisfaction. Dont entertain the unGodly, and you wont choose it. God already DID do something miraculous. He made a way for us to have eternal life with Him. Just because you dont feel grace, love or mercy, doesnt mean it isnt there. Our relationship with the Lord isnt about "feeling", its about truth, His truth. Even when you dont feel like it, read the Word. Psalm 119:11 says," Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee." There are Christian organizations and worship services on every campus, and local churches often have college ministries. Get connected with one and you will build a support group. Dont forget, GOD will know what youre doing. He even knows what youre thinking and whats in your heart (the pain as well as the joy). He loves you whether you "feel" it or not. We wont ever feel the pain Jesus felt during his scourging, but He lived through it, because of his great love. Im praying in agreement with John. God knows you cant do it right on your own. Tell Him you are weak and you need His strength. Seek Him in his Word and you will gain that strength. Lord, in your precious name and by the power of your name, I pray that even little things, like a leave floating to the ground or the wind on his face, will be reminders of your presence and love to Benjamin. Please put people in his path who can be strong with him as they step into a new life situation. Thank you Lord for all of the new experiences Benjamin will experience that are glorifying to you as he grows to know you more. 5 Years Ago
Deborah I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago


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