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Moni My Husband and I have always had cows and horses...Not alot but we love the life. He worked for a feedlots for years. In this last one, We found out he has MS-Multiple Sclerosis. They got rid of him. We were thrown out of the house we were renting from them. My daughter and I came down to Muskogee Ok. We have had one thing bad happen after another....We lost several of our horses...the weather and other things. We are 70 miles away from them. A man is holding my cattle herd for ransom and I dont have the money he wants..He put our cows and horses on someone elses land...He is a realtor. Now he wants paid for bad bales he put that I didnt authorize. I went to the police ..they said civil matter. Now the man that bought the land helped for a bit with the horses and babies ... but he wants them off his place now... We paid one months rent... almost killed us. Now he doesnt want money ,he wants them off... I havent seen them in 2 months for what he wiil say and do...I have been praying he wont do anything... We need a place for us and our animals to be together in the country , with enough land and shelters to support and protect them .I need big finances. The Lord told me years ago...He would give me a home that no one could take away...I went up and down in my walk for years after that. My 18 year old daughter has left because of this mess and she is trying to be a man and get her own life...but she is like a 15 year old...I have really babied her...That was the last straw when she left...I retook my stand with God...Now in my worship ..He has told me, He will restore the years the locust has eaten... I dont have hardly any money and I am tithing anyway...I am needing for everything to be put back together again...My girl is a virgin and I want her to stay true to the promise she made to God to wait....My families life is horses and cows...With my husband being down in his legs...I sooooo need my daughter to flee from her rebellion towards me and God and return to us both...We need her! I could write volumes on the things the devil has done to me ,when I knew better... My daughter was the catalyst to start me again...I finally have gotten a firm stand on Gods word ... But I need prayer support to move Gods hand Quickly....Winter is Coming.... Thank You. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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