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Joseph I broke my neck and back at work and lost every thing i had to move away from my daughter she is nine she lives in washington i ve had somebody messing with my life cops herrassing me street thugs steeling my stuff and posioning me dealing me court cases to keep me where the what me i live in a motel my mother wanted me to sighn over power of attorny i said no then she had her cop friends put me in the crazy house and got rid of my stuff she then played like there was nothing missing started playing head game turns out they are part of the hells angels I am not sure what year but on the 10 freeway close to the62 on ramp i was following a simi truck in the slow lane we were going about 65 to 70 when he drove his truck off the free way i slamed on my brakes avoiding a accident that was already there i got out of my truck and took a look around there was a ford bronco with a trialer burnt but no smoke no fire covering the right two lane and then the left lanes a suv with a man in the driver side bleeding out of his ears and eyes i got back in my truckdrove around to go call help keep in mind no cars but us on the ten freeway c--------------------------mon when i went around the accident there were two black suvs with 5 to seven people under the hwy 62 over pass with there arms crossed just waiting as i drove closer they turned and got in there suvs i told my mom she said call the news i did told them what happend and they cut most of what i said and blamed it on the truck driver. this accident was staged the man bleeding out of his eyes ears and nose was murder and they are or were trying to do the sane to me i fear for my daughters saftey as well as mine i attend centerpoint church in colton i need prayer these guys play on why would some one do that or go to that much trouble i know mom dad aunts uncles plus other i could name they used the phyic ward so no one would beleave what i was saying please pray for my daughter skyllar and i joseph thank you 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Briana Goodness, Satan is really battling you head on right now. We are not part of this world as christians this is the devils playground, You had an angel with you the day of that accident!!! god has a calling onyou life and i dont want you to feel helpless you are never alone even in the worst possible case god is right beside you he loves you!!! Psalm 46:7 is a great piece f scripture!! it says "the lord of hosts is with us; the god of jacob is our refuge. God is the same time then a he is now so never fear you are in great hands!! John 14:1 says let not your heart be troubled trust in god!! so see dont worry about this god is there with your daughter and yourself!!! stay strong have faith the size of a mustard seed!!! God Bless you and I hope that the words god has given me have eased your worry!!GOD BLESS YOU Hang in thereSeek god first and foremost always!! 5 Years Ago
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