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Andrea ive been dealing with depression for the past few years it keeps getting progressively worse. im not saying i want to end my life because i wouldnt, however the thought of death enters my mind quite frequently. im 18 and this down ward spiral is really starting to take its toll. i often find myself crying on my way home from work, when im doing laundry, while im doing my make-up, when i go to bed at night, to tell you the honest truth i cry more and more every time. the depression usually lasted 1 day then id start feeling better. but lately it feels like its dragging on longer. this time it was a week and by the end im just physically and emotionally exhausted. i talked to my mother about it when it started getting worse, and fro some reason i feel like she, in a way, shrugged it off as being something i was doing to myself. i have a feeling she thinks itll just go away, at the moment i feel like theres a huge chunk missing from my heart, a deep void which keeps getting larger. i dont know waht to do about it all i know is that i need help... so please help 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Kristen I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Tammy Andrea, Praise God!!!! A Child of God is never happy in the world. You are okay, you have just been "called out" by God. That is a good thing. Not knowing what to do can cause crazy depression. It isnt necessary. Praise God and ask Him to lead you and than Follow! Smile and be happy that this world is not your real home and by knowing that you are positioned to allow the Holy Spirit to do all kinds of work through you. And Megan, Heaven is not in the physical realm as we know it. It is in your Christ Mind. Learn to think from there! :)I love you! Contact me if you need 4 Years Ago
Sarah I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
The_underdog I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Barbara Andrea, you may find comfort in the fact that I have been in your place. I fet the same way and was dealing with the depression as well. I cried ALL THE TIME and most of the time, there was no cause! I just had this unbearable feeling of emptiness and fear. But you may find even more comfort in the fact that Jesus knows how you are feeling as well.Dear heavenly Father,as you know, Andrea is struggling with these ugly feelings of depression. Her mother doesnt understand the severity of these emotions, but we know that You do. I pray that you ease her heart and show her Your peace and joy. Let her understand that this world is only temporary and that by Your mercy and grace we will one day see Your kingdom where these negative emotions will be no more. Please keep her in Your righteous right hand and fill her life with Your light to defeat all of her darkness.In your Sons mighty and precious name I pray,Amen.Andrea, you are loved. 4 Years Ago


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