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Ana Hi, Im 14 and just recently accepted Christ into my life, Im going through some struggles, at the momment, with guys and stuff. And i just dont feel God listening. I know he is, but sometimes I dont feel good enough. Thanks guys! 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Anonymous Lord, I pray that you will be with Ana as shes decided to start her walk with you Father, I pray that you will allow her to have the eyes to see you and the ears to hear you. Also, I pray that you will give her the strength to live for you, and to follow in the ways of you Lord, and when temptaion comes her way, i pray that she will be reminded of the sacrifice you made for HER and all her sins. I pray that she will find comfort in repenting her wrongs to you Oh Lord, and that she wouldn;t feel ashamed, even though that is a lousy human characteristic we get caught up in all the time! Please show her a glimpse of the plans you have for her, and I pray she will find all her hope, strength and compassion in YOU Father. When it comes to guys... its tough. But its one of the biggest temptations that we must deal with. Please Lord let her know that YOU do not temp us, it is the Devil and our selfish ways. You have created her for so much more than she can even possibly fathom, and I pray you begin to speak in to her heart as you have in mine. True love waits (:!Keep the faith girl, theres tons of people to help you out! I hope you really reach out and go to those who are older and wiser than you are, especially because you are such a new Christian. I became a Christian about 2 years ago and I cannot even begin to explain to you how much he has changed my life, my old ways are gone (:!keep seeking him with all your heart and he WILLLLL make your paths straight! 4 Years Ago
Skittls dear god as ana descovers the new awsom journy with u i pry that you would show your self to her and she would look rely hard to see you and you would help her with all here struggles 4 Years Ago
Rachel Dear Ana, I gave my life to Christ around your age (Im about 2 years older than you) and in the begining I struggled with these sort of things. But God is faithful! He loves you so much! You dont have to be good enough, Jesus is good enough for you. Now that He lives inside of you, you have all you need! You can go boldly into the presence of your Father because you have put your faith in His Son. He sees you, hears you and loves you beyond understanding. You are His precious daughter! Keep believing, praying and trusting! 4 Years Ago
Rachel I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Misi Proverb 31 Woman Lord God I come to you in the name of Jesus asking that you strengthen your daughter, our sister Ana in her walk with you. Give her complete understanding and joy in the fact that she has chosen to walk with you at this important phase in life. Lord God empower her to be the type of woman described in Proverb chapter 31. Your word says a virtuous womans price is FAR above rubies and that charm is deceitful and beauty fades but a woman who fears you shall be praised! Let it come to pass in the life of sister Ana, give her the strength of your son Jesus to resist the temptation that is placed at her feet. Let her understand that the love she seeks is already hers and it comes from you! Let her know that the one for her also follows your laws and precepts and would not tempt her to disobey your word. Let her know that your commandments are her blessing (empowerment to succeed)! Let her know that you are not a God of confusion and that you did not give her the spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. Amen (and it is so) 4 Years Ago


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