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Tim My request has not yet been answered, but, I am still be patient as I know that a delay is not a denile from God, I will continue trusting in God and his word and being obedient. I have also just graduated from an intense Bible School with so much more knowledge,truth and understanding about the Bible (Gods Word) and the more I am believing in God and the nicer I treat my spouse the meaner she is becoming, of course I know its not her, its the enemy trying to continue in destroying marriages, relationships and tearing families apart, these things are predicted in the last days, brother will rise against brother and nation against nation. Lord, "I put my faith and trust in you as I know you hate divorce for you are the one who invented the wonderful covenant of marriage"...For those of you who do not know what is going on, here it is in a nutshell: My wife filed for divorce and it is scheduled to be finalized in the courts on Jan 10th, 2010. My wife is currently carrying our child as well, we are separated at this time(per her request) 4 states and 800 miles apart. I love and miss my wife and child and wanna be with them always, but, she literally hates me, her anger and unforgiveness is keeping her in bondage...however, Scripture tells us in Matthew 19:26 that "All things are possible with God", to me this indicates that he can save this marriage. I am praying for continued healing for my marriage, wife and myself and for softening of hearts and for scales to fall off eyes...Marriage is under such a huge attack from the enemy in these final days...My name is Tim and wifes name is Roxanne. Please pray for us in whatever the Holy Spirit directs in your heart. Thank you my brothers and sister in Christ and God Bless You All!!! answered 4 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 4 Years Ago): Im asking for agreement in prayer to save my marriage. My wife has filed for divorce and she is pregnant. I love my wife and unborn child she is carrying and wanna be with them as long as I live. God has set up 2 roadblocks so far and the divorce has been denied, however, she is going back in December to try again and this time Im afraid it might go through. Please pray in agreement with me for God to soften her hardened heart about me and our marriage and to heal her critical spirit and pray for my continued healing as well....Her name is Roxanne and my name is Tim... Please pray for in agreement believing and claiming the healing and restoration of our marriage. Thank you and God Bless You All.
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Carol God, I thank you for your faithfulness, your words to live by and that your words are written in the bible to show us your love, mercy, compassion. Your promises are always true today, yesterday and will be untill you return. God you are of your word and I praise you for the gifts and miricles and changes that I have seen you have done - many, many times. So I pray in agreement with Tim and God if it is your will thy be done. And God show tim and roxanne your Grace and your words. You already know all things - you ask we come to you and share and trust. God I know you have almighty powers and just ask God that you soften roxannes heart and that tims heart will be open to the truth...Bless them as a family and send Satan away and stop the opportunity between them to allow a foot for him to enter. Bless this message. I thank you God and am believing that your will be done...Amen 4 Years Ago
Marieny I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Sarah I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Amber I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Amber Dont worry I am almost in the same situation as you! God will provide! 4 Years Ago


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