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Matt Hey guys, Im just going to tell you a bit about my life. Im 14 and live in the UK. I am being bought up in a Christian family but not until the night before new years eve 2009 did I make a serouis decision about following Christ. I have been going to a Christian camp in the summer for quite a few years, two years ago, I had growing pains in my knees, it really hurt when I ran or jumped. I got prayed for and that night, God took the pain away and I could run and jump with no pain! Last year, I got prayed for and the woman said that God was going to use me through music (I play the drums) and this year, I have really seent that come true! I have started playing in church and a youth band had just started which I am commited too. I have also recently started a band with my mates, theyre not Christians, but its a start. Over the past week I have felt really far away from God. I went to the evening service at my church last night and during the worship at the end, I just started crying, I felt close to God again. Anyway, this is what I need pray for, I really like this girl, and I think she likes me, Ive been praying about it and I dont think God wants me to go out with her, shes not a Christian, but its really hard. Sorry its so long but thanks so much! 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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** I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Beth i think all of us lose faith only for a while not long because he is always there to how us what were mssing out on and how great it is to belive in hime i to had lost faith not long but long enough to cry as you did 5 Years Ago
Wholehearted Lord God, I ask that you would hep Matt to begin to feel close to you again. God show him how much you love him and that you are always with him. Remind him to take time to pray nd spend time with you every day so he can grow closer to you. And Lord, we know that you have said in your word that being in a relationship with someone who doesnt know you is dangerous to our relationship with you. Please help Matt to choose obedience to you and to hold out on dating this girl. Lord help him to be so satisfied with you that he doesnt feel like he needs that relationship any more. God you love Matt so much, God you gave everything for hm. Help him to have the faith to lay down everything for you. Father youve called me to music and worship bands too, and I know how easy it is to become distracted from you and from my calling by someone you like. But Lord I pray youd give Matt the passion and maturity to seek you before entering any romantic relationship. Thank you Jesus, for the amazing things you have done in Matts life, and what an incredible young person he is. In Jesus name, Amen. 5 Years Ago
Beth nice it was deep wholehearted 5 Years Ago
Mandi Lord I just pray for Matt, I pray that he can see your plan for him and that you can give him strength to allow you to work in him. I pray that you can light his soul on fire for you and the Holy Spirit may continue to work in him through his music, I also add that his band members may see your beautiful way through Matts example. Lastly father I pray that you show Matt your plan for him, wether it be with this girl or not. I pray it be easy for him to carry on without her if she is not in his plan, or that Matt may befriend her so that she may become the woman you want Matt to be with. In Jesus name Amen. Hang in there dude, God will show you his plan. Just keep praying and staying in his word, he will take care of you. Check out Jeremiah 29;11-13. It is really inspirational and really helped me with my ex boyfriend. 5 Years Ago


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