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Anonymous The girl has kept her little boy!!! The social services were told by the judge that they will be investigated. The girl will still be monitored but this prayer was answered by our Lord!!!!! Praise to Him. Thanks for praying! answered 3 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 5 Years Ago): Many years ago, I fostered a girl with problems. She stayed with me for about 3 years. When she left at 16, she got pregnant and purely on the fact that she had been a cutter 3 years earlier, the baby was taken from her by the social services, before she even left hospital, and adopted. 2 years later, when she was 18, she became pregnant again. The social services didnt have as much say this time because she was in a relationship, the grandmother got involved and she kept the baby for 18 months when it all went wrong. I got involved and even built an extension on my house for her and the baby. However, the social services got really heavy and caused problems. I fell out with the girl and she lost this baby to the social services too.I hadnt seen her for many years then found out she had a son and was happy in a relationship. Then horror of horrors, this boy took ill. After pestering the doctors, the mother was told she was being hysterical, and the littel boy was taken into care. After two weeks of worry, the boy died in foster care. His mum had just managed to get to the hospital before he died. She was sad because she didnt even know what he was wearing. He was six years old. I have tried to be there for her and tried to comfort her. She has spent some time in psychiatric care. She gained some comfort from the father who she was still in touch with, though the death had broken them. Then, two weeks ago, he was taken into psychiatric care. He then killed himself in a suicide pact with another man. This is being investigated and so is the death of the boy.The mum, Leanne, asks me why God is angry with her and why is he punishing her. I am frightened for her. I also find it difficult to find words for her.Please pray.
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Jennifer I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Jennifer Dear God, i ask that you watch over this person and Leanne, help her to find the words to tell Leanne that you are not mad at her and that you love her with all your heart, Show her that with you by her side she can make it through this and that youll fix everythin wroong in her life. AMEN!God loves you so much! And I as a ur sister in God love you too :) 5 Years Ago
Josh I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Anonymous I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Rachel I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago


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