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Moni I have some new information about my situation...I saw 4 of my cows and possibly 3 or so calves out on the pasture of the man who I told you stole all of my herd. I asked God to give me a sign of hope to recover them...Remember ? They have been hidden from me for over 9 months...not a sighting of any of them . I hugged my girls that I saw and cried on them for 30 minutes. They followed me to the gate as to say... Momma has come to take us home. I broke down again. The few that I saw still stay clear from the rest of the cows that are not ours. They are my herd. I still need to locate the rest of the crew, my bulls...and more calves and more heifers.. But God showed me my Mabel, Stuggie,Birtha...Ok... Now...I went with a realtor and found a house with pasture and barns and what I need . Its not perfect...But It can work. I need the land that butts up against the little patch of pasture that goes with the house...But the man wants a crazy price per acre. I need a reasonable price per acre and also the money to renovate the house to live in and to pay for it outright with money that is to be coming to us from a lawsuit . I need the lawsuit money to pay for the house and the land next to the property also. And to pay off my taxes in full. No debt. Remember I told you my husband has MS and I need a place that is paid for .The court date is coming up the 22nd I think...Soon. Ok...Next...I told you of my daughter and how I need her to return to us and God and that she is hopefully still a virgin and not messing with the 36 year old guy? ...ok...I told you that the man who we had the horses on his property told my dughter that he didnt know what happenend to our horses...right... Well, We called him and found out that Our daughter asked him to bring our horses to Tulsa to an arena first and he asked where...Not gonna tell my husband and I anything about this plan. Then She called back and asked him to bring them to the other side of OKC ...He told her his licence wouldnt allow him to travel that far... She never called back. When we finally called him to ask if he knew where our horses were he told us this story. So...My eldest daughter lives in OKC and my youngest is living with her and her husband. My Mom and Dad have money, and they use it to keep my children from me. Since my husband got MS... Our rural family life has went crazy. Ok... My daughter about 5 months ago... went behind our back with the man who had all our horses on his land and he gave her a "key" to get her horses off of his property...He was told not to do this by us...Because my Mom and Dad would get their hands on them ...He did it anyway and sure enough they have my daughters horses at her sisters place. They control everybody. When the first man took our cows we put a mortgage on them and the horses. My Dad said this would protect them. Now It looks like they came and got our horses and took them to my eldest daughters place to steal them. I am not sure what is going on ...It is a mess... I know that God is working on this tho... Cause the house and then the extra land right next to it came up...and the lawsuit. I dont know if the daughter has the horses or not and where the cows are...but It is apparent that my Mom and Dad did the mortgage deal to take our stuff, or at least some of it. We didnt get a dime from them either... It was supposedly to protect them from this one man stealing them and now it looks like they have stolen some of our stuff. Not sure tho. My Parents pay for my eldest daughters place and she wont give me her address. Fishy HUH? Now my youngest is lying to me too. I need all of the precious people that have been praying for me to continue...We are making progress...I need major abundance to purchase this home and the extra acreage next to it and renovations for its livability and the whereabouts of all of my cattle and horses.... and the immediate return of them to our new home. I want my girls to be saved and come and be a part of the family business. I am so grateful to you all who have gotten me this far...Please continue and use this new information to get my house,land,animals,kids and us to a solid place to reside and breathe again. Thank You so much. I wont quit... till we have total restoration and answered prayer and a big praise report. Thanks Again. I wanna celebrate Thankgiving and Christmas with my family intact in a place of our own. 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Rachel I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Stacy Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. 5 Years Ago
Stacy I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
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