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Moni URGENT!!!...I have been telling you all of my problem that has been one more stage of hell after another for 9 months now...1st.... my cows taken, right off the land I was keeping them on and by the realtor who pretended "good Samaritan" the whole time he had his sites on stealing them from me. He did that and the police wont do a thing. ...2nd .My Mom and Dad had us put a mortgage on the cows AND the horses to them...No money involved... CLAIMED IT WAS TO PROTECT THEM...My 18 year old took off in the middle of the nite after the cows were stolen, and for a 3 week period, I was told when I called my parents for help and her older sister and her "athiest Husband looking for her they told me she was dead and it was my fault . They had her the entire time. 3rd....within a week of me finding out the 18 year old was safe ...but wouldnt tell me where...With them....! ...We went to worm the horses and the 18 year old had stolen 5 of them behind 2 locked gates. We called the actual owner of the land the realtor was lending to us fraudulently...claiming money on property he didnt own. He told us she called him and told him they were hers to take. He gave her a key.....4th....In October she called us and told us that she called the man where the rest of the horses were and the cows were 9 months prior and were fine and free of charge on his land ...she first asks if we had been talking to the man where they were ...we said no ...he would call if they needed something. She then says...Well...the man says they are gone and they have been gone for 2 weeks. He thought we got them. So... She didnt think we would call him...We did! He told us that she called him and asked a week before ...If he would bring them to a Tulsa arena? He said he would ...get him an address. Then she calls him back and says ...Will you bring them on the other side of Oklahoma City? He said his lnsurance wouldnt allow him to travel them that far...He never heard from her again. She still talks to the" thief" realtor too, I found out. That may explain my cows to some part. My own Mom and Dad have never wanted me to have the cows or horses lifestyle, My Dad had to give up living in the country when he married my Mom cause she refused to live the country life. He has tried for years to ruin our existence. Now that my husband has gotten down, they have manipulated every moment to take away what little glimmer of hope to keep what we have left. They have definitely been a part of the animals and my youngest being gone. They alienated my oldest daughter thru the "athiest" husband they brought around her years ago when she was mowing lawns in their town. It is embarrassing to say that my Mom and Dad and both of my daughters have had a huge hand in all this crap happening. Heres the newest thing that exposes their guilt more...They called me and wanted to come to our terrible house and have Thanksgiving. Well, I am a giver and I dont have anything for Thanksgiving this year. I live in a bad part of town in a bad house with fleas, and I dont have room in the thing to unpack boxes. the whole house is covered in them . On top of that, they both steal whatever they want of mine. So...I didnt have the money to do this... But I told them we could go to the zoo, cause the 1 time we saw the new husband, he has gotten mad and tried to wreck the vehicle that our whole family was in with him. So I had the day planned ...Early... They put me off telling me one lie after another. It got later and more excuses piled up of traffic and getting lost. Well, the husband knows his way everywhere. But... Im like ...I wanna see my girls, so I just blew it off.. We get home tonite and find out that they were here in our town, down the street calling and lying about being on the road. We left to come and meet them at the zoo ... they waited till we left ....Came to our house and stole our dog!!!!!!!!!! Her baby who is now huge... That is not her biological baby, but one someone dumped in our yard and we took in and love so much too is crying for her, whining and searching for her. They used me again. We need her for protection in this neighborhood we live in and they know it! I need some intense spiritual prayer-warriors to come against all this stuff and my own family members. I know the Bible says in the last days that daughters against mothers.... I just am worn out from the ups and downs and lies and deceit and thefts and pain of it all. I am sorry I dont have the answers yet... But I know walls are coming down and the enemy is getting scared... Hes using them all at once to stop me... I need your support... Please know you are my rock of support. I need a breakthrough . I have been writing this for hours. and I still have more things, I could explain about my .....crazy?..... Jealous?..... hating?..... family members. ...Just keep putting the pressure to that enemy on my behalf! I know it is working. I want it to go faster, But... God is not early or late...Right on time! ......Thank You for your prayers and warfare. .. Oh... also... my daughter let a big tank fall on my back last year and I was better I thought. At the zoo the wind got up and the middle trunk part hit me in the same part of the spine as the huge tank fell on . It really hurts and it is swollen again. I need a healing of 100. Thank You 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Rachel I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Sarah I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
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Xxxmanofgodxxx I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
O.0 Oh my! Praise the LORD you are Gods Child, you wouldnt stand a chance if you werent His in this situation! I will be praying for you indeed! May God make everything right, in Jesus Name! Despite the stress, it seems youve got a level head about God and what He does, thanks be to God for that! Hang in there!!!! :) 4 Years Ago


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