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Timi Hi. Im 17 year old boy and Ive been saved by Gods grace for a while now. Im going to highschool and having pretty hard there at times and it feels like devil is trying to bring me down with all these lies and temptations. I know that Jesus is all I need in life but sometimes I just seem to forget that Hes the reason why Im in this world living it up and then I let the devil get the best of me in every area of my life. Pray for me so that God would help me through these everyday struggles in this crazy world and also heal me from long lasting illness. Thank you and God bless you all! 5 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Kevin I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Anonymous I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
James God I pray for strength in my brother that he would feel you right at his back going to war with him when the enemy comes to tempt him, Let his eyes bounce away from tempting views of his sisters and let him find confidence in you Lord.Lord help him to get into your word for it says if a man is to keep his ways pure there is only one way to have my word in his heart TY GOD! 5 Years Ago
Jessica God I pray that Timi is able to overcome this battle. Open not only his eyes, but his heart and let him know that You are Almighty and that You will prevail no matter what. Give him the strength to turn from the lies and temptation. Father God, life his heart and hold him near. Amen. 5 Years Ago
Amanda Father; only You can comfort Timi. Only You can show him what to do and how to fight. And not only can You teach him these things with Your Word, but You go with each and every one of Your Children wherever they may go; into whatever kind of battle we may face - and You fight right alongside us. Guiding us the whole way; never letting up or slacking. Whatever temptations he is facing, You already know them; and You will help him to fight them if he will let You - for You are a faithful God, indeed, and will keep Your promises. I pray that Timi would be comforted by You, and will feel Your presence with him in whatever he faces, Father. It is in Your Sons most holy and wonderful Name - Jesus Christ - that I pray these things. Amen. 5 Years Ago


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