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Rachel We have had some breakthru, but not all. Mother broken leg (tibia), has healed but her right foot is still swollen. It has healed on the skin surface, but it is questionable about underneath the surface. She may still be carrying infection and could still have to have amputated. She will be going back to the doctor in the next week or husband has found a full time temp job that is helping with the finances. We are still having trouble with making both the mortgage and chapter 13 (bankruptcy) trustee payments. Getting both of them is the problem. We can get one or the other. We have to pay both to keep our home. Total needed just for them is about $1300 a month. Joe may have some side work this month to help, but everyone is delaying starting the projects for the second time. Even with this new temp job, he is only making half of what he normally was making...there is no change in my brother Paul or nephew Ian. So things are starting to be answered but more prayer is needed. Thank you all for praying for us and our familys needs. Will update again soon...Rachel answered 4 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 4 Years Ago): My prayer request is for my family. Some need salvation and others need to return to serving the Lord as they did years ago. They have allowed the things in life to make them grow cold in their walk. My brother, Paul, needs the strong hand from the Lord in his life, as he is in open rebellion and doing drugs, and drinking. My teenage nephew, Ian, is into smoking, drugs and drinking. His mom is very relaxed in discipline and allowing these things to happen. Ian and Paul have made a commitment to the Lord, but when they pray and dont see the answers they want from prayer, they rebel and turn away. They dont understand that the Lord has a plan for their lives and they have to pray in line with His Word and Will for them. Please pray for them to learn this lesson, and others, and that they will be delivered and return to serving the Lord. I would also like to ask prayer for my mom who has recently broke her leg, and may have to have part of her right foot amputated. She injured it 2 weeks ago when she broke her leg and has diabetes. Her sugar levels are fluctuating and she has passed out 3 times in the past 2 weeks, being found by another family member on the floor. Please pray that whatever is causing this is healed by the Lord and that she can keep her foot and that her leg heals completely and quickly. The only other person I would like to lift up is my husband, Joseph. He has been laid off for over 6 months this year. He is a carpenter. We need prayer that the economy will pick up, not only for him, but others who are also struggling. Sure would be wonderful if his boss, Dave, would call him with new work to do again. Thank you for praying...may the Lord richly bless you...
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