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Juliette Roberts Me and my husband have been going through a tough time tthe last few months. we are only 18 and 19. i have been in and out of the hospital because of my heart defects.i have been felling a little down the last few months because we found out i was 2 months pregnant about 4 months ago and 2 weeks after we found out we went for a ultra sound and they said i had a missed miss carriage this has happened twice now. i really want to give my husband a child but i dont know if i can go through lossing another child. what should i do. please help and pray for me. we think i am pregnant we wont know for a few more weeks. if i am i hope i am able to give birth to him or her. thanks for reading juliette roberts 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Christopher My mother had several miscarriages after giving birth to my younger brother and the sadness I saw in her was profound which I can only imagine is the same for you. Ill pass on to you what she said to me when I asked how she was able to endure the loss. She told me the sadness was truly overwhelming, but her faith in the Lord carried her through her sorrow. Lord, I pray you give Juliette the same strength to endure such sorrow. Heal her of her wounds so that she may live in the light of your glory fully restored. Amen. 4 Years Ago
Livelifetothefullest I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Livelifetothefullest God thank you that your timing is perfect, I pray that you would give Juliette peace and know that you have a perfect plan for her. I pray that if she is pregnant you would keep her and the baby safe, God give her wisdom and peace throughout this season. God I pray that she would look to you. I pray that her and her husband would deepen their relationship with you so that they would feel Your guidance. 4 Years Ago
Briana I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Mark I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago


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