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Kathy I need prayer for happiness n joy to fill my heart n mind again, my mother passed away in march and i was doin well for awhile, but november it started hitting me hard, i break down alot now, and its makin my health go downhill, i rebuke depression everyday, but some days it takes over me, i am startin counseling with my pastor next week, so that will be helpful, also i have battled same sex attraction for over 15yrs, i currently live with my now ex-partner, but she knows, i can no longer take this road with her in that way, spiritually i am being pulled away, we remained best friends and just decided to be there for each other as best friends would...i just want prayer for her soul, as much as i try to open her eyes to it being spiritually wrong she dont want to hear it, shes amazing, and occassionaly she comes to church with me, so i know its in her, i just need the extra prayers for her. and also my younger brother to be saved, ok thank you =) love c28s clothing 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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