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Tiffany Could u guys pray for me??? My name is Tiffany and Im 15 years old. Im going through a really really hard time right with an eating disorder called anorexia and bulimia. I have had this problem I think for almost two years now. I have been trying to recover from it for a few months but it just seems like its not getting any better at all tho. I have stopped the bulimia a few days ago tho and Im praying that I never start it again. I really wanna change now and become who God wants me to be but I just dont know how Im going to get through this. I really wanna stop but Im just sooooo afraid of gaining weight and I feel like I almost forgot how to eat now. I mean, I feel like I dont know if Im eating too much or too little. Can u guys pray for me that God will help me get through this??? Thank u sooo very much!! 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Faith Leeann I watched this program on the 700 club and a lady had the same problem that you are having. Pat said to rebuke the devil and tell the devil that he doesnt have athority over you and to leave you alone! I can try to find that one if youd like. Contact me and I think I might be able to direct you and help you through this. I know how painful suffering can be! You will overcome this through Jesus powers and his wonderful name! Amen! 4 Years Ago
Steven I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Nate I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Ariel Tiffany, I have no idea what youre going through specifically, but I have harmed myself in many ways. I know what you mean, not knowing how much youre supposed to eat, and often in my house I dont eat that much because i dont like the food, so in that aspect, I know a little bit what you are going through. But God can heal. Hes healed me. Ive witnessed him heal many others.God, I pray in your precious sons name that Satan will not be able to put these negative thoughts in Tiffanys head anymore. They are not coming from you God, and she can get through this. God, give her strength, dont leave her side. I pray that she would be able to feel you right now, feel your love and know that you made her exactly how you want her. In Jesus name, amen. 4 Years Ago
Kari Tiffany,Remember that your body is the temple that houses the Spirit of God. He gave you the body you have so you can care for it not harm it. This world is only temporary, your body is only temporary. Your God has a plan for you and this is not it. We arent to look at outward beauty but know that God looks at inward beauty. Please seek out help. My daughter is in treatment right now for the same addiction. I know it is very very difficult to overcome. I pray that the spirit of addiction is broken in you. Dont hate yourself over this. You are caught up in an addiction fueled by the enemy. Rebuke him in the name of Jesus. Fill your mind with what God thinks about you. Write down the things God thinks of you and look at it every morning. Rest in knowing that He will save you from this and you will help someone else. Be patient, pray constantly and fill your time and mind with Gods word. Trying to start eating again will be hard mentally and physically. But you can get help with that. I will be praying that God will guide you to that help. He wants to heal you sweetie. 4 Years Ago


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