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Levi Hey guys im struggling with something. i just want some inputs on this. Does it matter when, where, and how you get saved. something that the enemy has been using against me lately is that i have alot of christian friends, and alot of them will ask me questions like "when did you get saved" and stuff like that, it seems like everyone has this perfect testimony of going to church, going to the altar and praying with the pastor or something like that. I accepted Jesus in the quietness of my heart, i cant say the exact day or time, or anything like that, but i know i believe in Him, he has been working in me and changing me for His glory. I got baptized too last spring. And when i mess up the devil likes to sneak in and say that im not a christian because i didnt accept Jesus this way or that way or because i messed up this way or that way. i want myself to be 120 confident in Christ and i feel like this keeps tripping me up. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Ariel I dont remember a specific time and place or anything like that either. The first time I was 3, so I dont remember it. But since then, I have rededicated myself. You gave yourself to Christ, THATS what matters! Your testimony doesnt have to include something big that happened that made you give yourself over to God. I know mine isnt. But how Gods worked in your life, and helped you overcome trials, thats what people need to hear. Time/date/whatever doesnt matter. I remember reading in the bible that God keeps no record of time.God I pray that youll give Levi the confidence he needs. Reassure him, God. Dont let him doubt. I pray that youll use him in amazing ways and that youll give him strength. Amen 4 Years Ago
Michael levi, my pastor tells the story of two gentlemen who leave des moines, IA and meet in st. louis, one by plane the other by automobile, one remembers the exact moment he arrived because of the road signs, the other did not even know the point when he crossed the Iowa-Missouri border. The only important thing is that they both made it to their destination. does that make sense? 4 Years Ago
Rachel Spoon I dont remember at exact time. In fact, Im still trying to determine what YEAR i truly accepted Jesus into my heart. I grew up in the church, and Ive considered myself a Christian my whole life, and Ive gone through a lot of spiritually awakening events in life, so its hard for me to really tell when I accepted Him. Dont worry if your testimony doesnt sound like something from a movie. The point is, you accepted Him into your heart. 4 Years Ago
Adria I dont remember what day it was when I was babtized, just flashes here and there beacuse I was young. Everyone has a testimony behind there own experiences and everyones is different, I uste to think mine wasnt all that great because I didnt have a drug or alcohol problem. But I know it doesnt matter how our life experience was changed because I know others will listen and every testimony touches somebody. People can relate. Your testimony will touch others, there is no specific way of how a testimony should be. 4 Years Ago
Nira :) Levi you are Saved. If you confess with your mouth and Believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord you are Saved Jhon 3:16. I was baptized when i was younger but my mom made me go up. It wasnt till a few years later everyone had this perfect story like you said how they got saved i wasnt sure then but all i remember not sure what day time or hour, i remember getting down on my knees and accepting Jesus as Lord into my heart crying in my room all alone.At that point i just knew i am Saved. So i believe if you have in your heart thats all God needs to hear He know from our hearts. What you can do is to Get rebaptized if you feel this is what you need to show off to the devil, All you are doing is just saying i wan to do this all over again for God and before all your Loved ones that you wan to tget it right. God Bless you 4 Years Ago


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