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Candace My Husband and I got Married in July he lost his job a few months before that and I lost mine shortly after our honeymoon. We are both very much in need of work! We are on Unemployment but it can become unpredictable at times. We also dont make much on it. Just enough for bills. But we live at my parents house and would love to be able to get our own place and start a family and the rest of our lives as husdband and wife. But right now it is just not affordable. We have put our resumes out there and applied for many jobs. But never hear anything back. I went on one interview and was not accepted for the position. We could really use some prayer for work. Also during our premarital counseling my husband accepted the Lord. He was raised Mormon but the prayed the sinners prayer and asked for Christ to enter his heart. I was very happy because I know he didnt do it just to please me. He did it for him. However he still tells me that he is still Mormon and Believes everything they believe. Mormons are Christians in the sense where they believe in Christ and the sacrifice but there is a lot of other things I find questionable. He is in between beliefs. He was brought up in Mormonism so its ingrained in him. But he hasnt been an active member for a few years now. Sometimes he goes to church with me but the fact that my church is more loud and open about Christianity instead of quiet and reserved like hes used to he feels awkward. Please pray for him to find his way to what is right. And for him to not be afraid to embrace being on fire for God. And please pray for me To be able to go back to church. I did back slide for a long time and it seems like now when I try to go back to church the enemy throws things my way to prevent it. I want to grow spiritually and have a healthy Godly marriage with my husband. One where we are on the same level belief wise. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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