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Candace Also something I wanted to Add. My Dad used to be a Godly Man. I mean I remember getting scolded by him when I was younger for saying the word Crap. And now he wont go to church unless he really feels he should like a holiday or something. Over the years it seems like he cant seem to deal with stress as much as he used to. He gets so upset and stressed out at the littlest things. And I know part of it is hes tired and has poor circulation so his feet and legs ache everyday he comes home. He has been to the doctor and was prescribed medications but rather than taking them he has turned to Alcohol. He self medicates with it now. I also know that there is more to it than that. He also has a lot of bitterness and resentment towards his childhood and church. It started out as just a beer a day, then it was a few beers, then its rum and soda, and last night he got a bit tipsy on wine. So far there has only been a few times where it snuck up on him and he got flat out drunk. And he is not abusive or violent in any way. But when he is drunk I just dont respect him anymore. It makes him dumb. He says inappropriate things and just changes him into a child. I hate that thats what he has turned to to feel better. I mean I know for a fact he knows better. But he says its the only thing that numbs the pain and lets him keep going. Which is a very Alcoholic thing to say. I am so worried for him. And I am worried that he is already addicted. And I hate that at the end of the day I can join my loving husband and we can lock ourselves away in our room and not think about it but my mom has to deal with it. Has to baby sit him when he drinks a little more than he should. And it seems like when we even say anything about it to him he listens but kind of gets defensive like this is his house and it makes him feel better so hes going to do it type of attitude. Please pray for healing. So my dad doesnt have anymore pain that he will not need to drink. And that he can confront and give all his problems to the Lord. To let go of his anger and just be happy with everything he has. And to show him there are healthier alternatives. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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