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Magdalena I think I may have been going through the beginning of a "dark night" I have been praying for months about my boyfriends salvation amongst other things. Even before I came to this website. But I feel like nothing has really changed in him...(maybe a little? I dont know). I question whether God is listening. But truly I question his existence. I wonder what if he is just make believe? And Im alone? And people are just who they are? I started thinking that maybe its too late for Luis. That maybe the devil has such a strong hold on him that its just too late. And I dont have the strength anymore. Sometimes in the car I will switch the station to a Christian station and he cant stand to listen to it for more than 2min before changing it. He has bad influences surrounding him. One in particular (G) who is a womanizer and cheats on his girlfriend who is sick, has one night stands etc.. The other (J) is a leader of a christian group at a church where his dad is a pastor, He runs a Christian promotion company, has a baby but cheats on his wife with random people as well. Please....I guess if you can...please pray. Please pray that Luis renews his life in Christ and that God will rid him of the evil and bad influences that surround his life. I dont know how much longer I can fight for this. Thank you for reading. M. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Julian A PRAYER OF TRUST IN GOD-Psalm 31O God, I come to You in both humble faith and in prayer;I come, and I lay before Your feet, my every burden and care.Hear my gracious God, my cry to You. Hear me, as I pray.Save me, and strengthen me. Please, always abide with me each day.You O God, are my rock. You are my shelter and my mighty fortress;My comfort in times of sorrow. My peace in times of pain and distress.O my God, I trust in You! On Your divine promises, I shall firmly stand;I belong to You. I am safe and secure in the palm of Your mighty hand.Be my protection from the assaults and attacks from the devil and from sin;And when my spirit grows weary, through Your Word and Spirit, revive me again.O my God, I trust in You! I call daily upon Your blessed holy name;Let not my faith and trust in You be put to shame.Praise the Lord! I will trust in You to keep me strong;Guide me, O Lord, and keep me from sin and all wrong.O my God, I trust in You! Keep me and hold me in Your tender love;And when this journey is over, guide me safely to my home above. 4 Years Ago
Mo Lord, I pray that at this point in Magdalenas life, You would come alongside of her and lift her up with Your divine strength. Please renew her joy and her trust in You. Let her experience Your peace that passes all understanding and deliver her from the confusion and hopelessness shes feeling right now. And Lord, I pray that You would distance Luis from the negative influences in his life and that You would bring him into contact with people who will be a reflection of You in his life. I pray that Your Holy Spirit would speak to him in ways that touch him deeply and that Luis would have a life-changing encounter with the Living God. I pray for his salvation, but I also pray that he would not only turn his life to You, but that he would commit his life to serve you all the days of his life. Lord, please transform Luis life and bring him to a place of Godliness and Holiness. In Jesus name. Thank You, Lord. 4 Years Ago
Gabriella I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Mary Beth. I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Rachel Spoon I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago