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Peter Well, an update to my situation. Wife left to live with her mom first week of January. She has basically split everything that we built down the middle. we share our kids 50/50 (2 boys, 4 and 6 yrs old) and this kills me. They know nothing of what is going on except mommy lifes with grandma now. I havent been the best husband but it is a two way street. She hurts from things I have done and I hurt the same. With it being close to 6 weeks being sperated, I have used this time to read my Bible, talk to the Lord, started running again, and reading relationship books. Everytime I see my wife, shes distant and just not there. Feels like she views me as just an aquantance and it tears me up inside. I try not to show emotion and continually pray for her and myself as well as the kids but every so often I get a text asking when Im going to call a mediator or if she should. I know this is not Gods plan for our lives and as time goes on, I have to continually pray the Lord keep my Love for my wife and not let it drift away with her decision to move out. I hate this feeling and change in my heart toward her. I just ask for renewed hope and peace, pray Jesus take this heavy burden I keep trying to take up on my own and allow me to give it all up to Him. Im trying to stay positive but its getting harder and harder each day. Please pray for encouragement and a real sense of Gods Love and Peace. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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