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Peter Well, another blow to our marriage, I honestly dont think I can go on with our relationship after this. Recently talking with my oldest (6 years old), I asked about his new haircut and why the decision to go with this style (fohawk). Just casual musing and he said because its like "Lloyds" haircut...Who is Lloyd? Oh, Mommys "friend". I dont know which is worst, finding out this way or knowing shes see another man. I confronted her casually as well and sure enough, shes dating...already! We havent even filed yet and shes already playing the field. I was so heart broken over this. Yesterday at church I just broke down...havent cried that bitterly in over a month. Lord, what is going on? I really need help here. I stumbled upon some text messages and my wife is definately physical as well as emotionally tied at this point with this other man. How many women introduce a new man into their childrens lives as just something to do? I hate to think that this is the final nail in the coffin...I try, I sincerly try to seek the Lord on this but I think since she has a heart of stone, we will never be together. I need prayer, so badly. Starting to fall apart at this point...staying strong for the children but tonight Ill be home alone and I dont want to be lonely. Jesus, please hold me in this time of need. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Courtney I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Courtney My Dearest Peter.. Please know that this is not your fault and youre an absolutely wonderful father!!! You dont deserve to be treated in that way what so ever.. But you know what..? Maybe this is a way of showing you that youre meant to be with someone else who will come into your life and be a wonderful wife to and a wonderful role model for your kids.. Because as theyre growing up, they will see right from wrong.. And at the end, it will be you who is right.. The boys will want to be just like their father and will always know what their mothers actions were as well... YOU are the strongest one no matter how you feel.. The kids are easily influenced by little things because these are phases in their lives.. But Peter.. God would never EVER LEAVE YOU EMPTY HANDED!! He knows whats coming and he knows your heart... He feels the pain and He will hold you through it.. Wrapping His arms around you and never letting you go.. You will see in time, His wonderful plan.. But until then, He wants you to put everything you have into Him.. And that is part of the plan.. My thoughts and prayers are with you hunn.. Just remember, youre never alone.. 4 Years Ago
Joshua I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Livelifetothefullest I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Hannah Peter, I cant sit here and tell you I know exactly what your going through , Im just a college student, but I can tell you that God has delivered me through many really tough situations. Even when i didnt see an end in sight. In the mist of all your weakness and brokenness is when God can use you the most, keep you eyes on him. tell him exactly how your feeling, hed your father and he LOVES you! Dont forget that! You arent alone in any of this, nor will you ever be alone. You are such a prize in Gods eyes, dont let anyone tell you or make you feel any different. Everyone makes mistakes in life. God has really been teaching me a lot about Grace. Its really easy to accept grace from other people, but its really hard to give it, especially someone you arent particularly fond of right now. Pray for your wife, God can do some pretty amazing things if we just ask. Anyway afterr my whole long speech, o wanted to let you know Im praying for you and I Wish you all the best. God doesnt make mistakes so what ever happens is meant to happen no matter what the out come may be 4 Years Ago


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