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Livelifetothefullest Pray for me, I am tired and weary. I do not have the answers and things are getting really hard. I feel to make my marriage work I have to: do 90 the work (cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children, working, finances), make sure no one in the house says something to make my husband upset, have no personality unless it makes him happy, have no opinion unless it is lines up with his. I learned that on our weekend together. I am sad and still battle the urge to binge and purge which was totally gone before i let him back. I know it could work if only he would desire to be a husband and a father which his words say he does but his action say he does not. It is almost like he wants to do all the right things but was never taught and does not follow through with anything he says he will. We got into a big fight and we never ended it or made up, he just says all kinds of mean things and then I cry and a couple of hours later he says he loves me. The whole fight is still there for me but he could care less. I just do not know if I could sacrifice myself to have the father of my children in our home. I feel that I have my joy, love and comfort in Christ but my husband takes it away. Pray for truth and Gods will in my marriage. Pray for safety for my children. Pray that my children will allow Christ to speak life into their lives. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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