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Lauren We had my 95 year old grandma living in our house for 7 years and reacently we had to put her in a nursing home becouse it was just giting so hard to take cair of her. We couldent even leave her alone in the house and it was hard on our family. My Mom has ben strugling alot with excapting that she just isent as strong as she used to be and my aunt (her sister) keeps on bad mouthing her and saying what a horrable thing she with puting her in there. My we just found out this week that my grandma has nomionia (sorry I cant spell it Im dislexic) and they found a lump on her that isent normal and they dont know what it is. Please pry for my Mom for her worrie to be taken away and help her to be at pice with this and to help her with all the stress of the information that they want they keep puting on her, my aunt that she would come to a under standing that where my grandma is couldent be a better place for her with all the cair that she is giting now that she is in there, and for my sick grandma that she would git better. My Moms name is Connie, my aunts name is Johan (dont know how its spelled), and my grandmas name is Ella May. The stress on my Mom is whereing her down and I can see the effect it has had on my Moms helth. Thank you for praying. God Bless, Lauren 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Samuel I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Tyler I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Christian I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Christian Lauren, First off I want you to stay strong in your faith. Especially for your Mom. Things can get very trying when family members get old. I use to work in a nursing home and though I was not directly involved with the patients, I became very close with many of them and their families. I pray for strength for your mom (Connie) during these trying times. Its not easy seeing the person who raised you become to difficult to handle and I am sure the stress of the decision weighs heavy on her heart. We want to be able to take care of our own, but sometimes this is beyond our control and you have to put the situation into Gods hands. I pray that your Aunt Johanna will be cleansed of her fear and anger over this situation. Her stress in seeing her mom go through this is being vented on your mom. I pray that she receives comfort. Lord, please watch over Ella May. Give her strength to handle her new surroundings and let her know that her daughter only wants whats best for her well-being. Please be with this entire family during these difficult times and restore their hearts with your love and glory.....AmenHang in there Lauren!! 4 Years Ago
Joshua I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago


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