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Christian Hey everyone, I need some prayers for.lets just say through circumstances that I have put myself in, this person in a round about way is in my life. I have strong emotions against who he is as a person, but know that the Lord teaches us that we are all brothers and sisters and that we should love our neighbors. He has recently admitted that he has been contemplating suicide. I know that he does not care to have me pray for him; though I will anyway. I can not blame him for this. I would ask that everyone please pray that these thoughts are removed from his mind and that he will attend counseling that has been arranged for him. He is not a person that feels secure in sharing his emotions, so this will be a very difficult task for him to accomplish Thank you and God bless! 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Christian I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Phuti I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Phuti LORD i ask that you give Christinia s friend the courage to gather the trust in you,lead him through,let him know that You will never ever leave him for he is your child and never will you give him problems you know he will never conqure for there is nothing impossible in your na,e in JESUS NAME we thank you AMEN. 4 Years Ago
Ernie I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Mr., Mrs. Sunderland I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago