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Prayer Board

Elizabeth Hey ! This is my first prayer board request . I am 15. My parents, though christians, are constantly fighting and screaming their heads off. Ive lived this my entire life, and it affects me more than people think... Pray to the Father ! Not necessarily to make them stop (which i would still LOVE, and would be a miracle after 25 years of an unsain marriage) , but to also give me the strength and courage to live through it, to keep turning to Him even when the going gets tough and the nights are long. Thank you ! I love you guys, not even knowing half of you, i love you all with Christs love ! 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Christian I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago
Christian Elizabeth, I will pray for peace in your household and that your parents will resolve their issues in a calm manner. I pray for your strength in dealing with these issues and that through faith in the Lord you will find happiness to carry you through. God be with you! 4 Years Ago
Sarah32 Im so sorry Elizabeth. You know I just really dont like ANYONE living in turmoil...I would love to pluck all of you people living in turmoil out of your un-peaceful houses and put you in a calm environment....But I know there would be too many people for me to even know what to do with!! I feel for you, dear...I really do. -------Lord, I thank you for Elizabeths desire to search You in this situation. I pray a blessing over her household- that You would blanket the entire home with peace that can only come from You. I also pray that You will help Elizabeths parents to see the wear it causes to Elizabeth to have such dissension, and not only Elizabeth, but themselves as well. Lord I pray that you would work with each person themselves individually to strengthen their character and bring them closer to the likeness of Your Son. And Lord, I pray a special prayer for Elizabeth. Please give her strength that can only come from You. Let Your peace be consistent in Elizabeths life. Holy Spirit, Your peace is not based on conditions. You promise in John 14:27 that You give us peace as a present. That present is ours for the taking ANYTIME. We thank You for this gift Lord and claim consistent peace over Elizabeths life. -Amen----Im looking forward to hearing things looking up for you soon, Elizabeth!<3 4 Years Ago
Phuti welcome Elizabeth.this is home and i love you sooooo much also.Father Lord i bow my hes=ad before you and seek you in this situation that Elizabeth is facing right now.I believe that you already know that its going to come to pass and peace and love will be in this family.I pray that you give Elizabeth the strength and courage to syand firm,keep believing in your goodnessand love.give her the persistance that she will need to go through all this for father Lord in you we can overcome anything.IN JESUS NAME AMEN 4 Years Ago
Rachel I commit to pray! 4 Years Ago


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