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Sam I havent heard anything more about this accident, but I havent heard of anyone who I know and am close to being hurt. I think I was so worried about it being family because my grandparents were coming to town for my cousins Baptism, and they would be going through that area about that same time. I am still praying for the people in the accident, as I havent heard anything about it. answered 5 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 5 Years Ago): You know that time when you drive past the seen of a car accident, see the destroyed car and the blood splattered (sorry, not to be gorry, but yea) all over the rode, and it hits you for the first time in your life that somebodys life just ended there? That somebodys wife, boyfriend, sister, dad, best friend, son, just left them forever, that the people closest to her will never see her again? You dont know if they went to heaven, all you know is that its not just a dead body, not just a statistic, not a number... to you anymore. that moment hit me on the way home from a movie tonight (at about 11). it pretty much has completely freaked me out, i feel like something is wrong, and i am completly afraid that it will be somebody that im close too. im almost sure it is. please pray for me that i can figure out why it was this time that it hit me, or if there is even a reason that it was tonight. and pray that if it is nothing, that i can get over this and move on. thank you
5 Prayed
Jorge I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Laura I pray, but maybe youre just growing up and you see things like this in a new light now. Not everything has a biblical sense, sometimes its just youre worrying about that person, your compassion. I will pray that person goes somewhere nice if you know what I mean. but you should pray too, and try praying for insight as to why this time bothered you. Ask God. He knows. 5 Years Ago
Penny Lord, I lift up Sam to You, our Creator! You, Father God, are the maker of everything, not a sparrow falls without You knowing, how much more will You take care of us! I pray, for Sam, that he would give these feelings to You and not hold onto them. Philippians 4:6-7. Sam, be anxious for nothing...pray with thanksgiving and give your request to God! Sounds like you are growing in Christ! Amen to that! 5 Years Ago
Jean Andree I commit to pray! 5 Years Ago
Thejaplace I will pray.Have you heard anything more about it?????? 5 Years Ago


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