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Peter PETER, I am so glad your prayers have been answered! Keep praying! Keep believing and be determined to never give up on your marriage and family! God will bring you through. His will is for your family to be united. The enemy would like to steal kill and destroy but, The Lord has come to give you LIFE and to the fullest!!! So, you and your wife dont allow the enemy in, pray, read the Word together and both develop your walk with God. A three fold cord (with Jesus in the middle) is not easily broken. I am also praying for my marriage and my husband to come back to the Lord and then back to his family. Please pray with me for I am sure your Faith has increased! God bless you and your family. answered 4 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 4 Years Ago): The wife and I are ging to be meeting tomorrow night to discuss schedules for our children and time with each of us individually (joint custody). I setup a schedule that should do well for both of our work schedules and with the least amount of impact on the children. I also wanted to talk about the next steps toward what she wants to do. I dont want to throw out there, "when are you going to file?", questions but I want to guage where she is at and what she wants to do. I am so dead to this marriage right now, I really just want to move on. I feel so badly that I feel this way, that this is not the plan God layed out from the beginning. I cant make her try to work it out and I dont want to be hard and calused, but I dont want to be walked on. This is such a grace needed situation. I dont want to say the wrong things and I dont want to be pushing toward divorce either. I am having such a hard time right now, my heart is so heavy. I ask for guidance and words from the Holy Spirit, I need to be everything the Lord needs me to be and I barely have a grasp on that for tomorrow night. Just need a little bit of everything, grace, words, healing, boldness, wisdom, strength, love. Thank you all who have been following me, it has and continues to be a rough road.
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