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Jeff I am not gonna tell you that i am the smartest guy in the world and have made some foolish choices in money ... yet the mountain of sin that i went to the cross with was huge to say the least. yet how many of us lived life in wisdom? If we had that would negate the work Jesus did for us. I figure if the lord said that by the spirit of adopting he is our father in heaven. as a dad i long to help out my kids and with out Gods provision. they all have a very bleak future. i further think if the streets are made of Gold in heaven then .03 of heaven down here will be more than enough for me and all 7 of my kids. i can say this without hesitation. Each time Jesus said to do something specific i believe i was obedient. IE i held my check in my hand and ask what he wanted me to write the check for? i would deposit the pay and write a personal check... i did not expect what came next. he said so gently i want it all. OK i endorsed the pay check and put it in. or the time i was pumping gas and a lady walked up and ask if i could help her i simply said Lord if she asks to go to the grocery Ill give her what i have left. but if she want McDonald one sandwich each. well you know where she went grocery so i gave her the last 30 i had .. like anything i have done adds up? NOT! i do figure if he could send a train 13 miles long to care for the Jewish people in the desert ... he could help me out of this little mess.. by the way that train came daily 3 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Tyler I commit to pray! 3 Years Ago
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