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Jeff I am blessed , yet I know that the word tells us over and over WAIT patiently on our Lord. I know we are to strive for holiness however the only thing we can count on one thing, Jesus loved me so much he. Paid a debt I cannot. I owe a debt I cannot repay. HOWEVER I MUST SCRATCH AT THAT DEBT AS THE HOLY SPIRIT INSTRUCTS. So I will ask these things Lord Jesus its me again , first protect me from Satans deceipts , by your Spirit lead me and use me? Please Lord allow me to be among the remnant of believers and help me never assume I am anything more or less that I am. I praise you and humbly thank you for your presence. I here thank you for your provisions that I do not deserve. Prepare my heart for whatever you call me to do. We both know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed and you have been helping me thank you for whats on the way. Church - family keep praising & praying. And as always THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! just jeff. answered 3 Years Ago Write a prayer for this person Share
Original Prayer Request (posted 3 Years Ago): i want to share a story that is true and it is in no way giving you permission . you must seek The Lord because it is a personal relationship and even though he loves us equally ... he does not handle each of us in a like manner. after all as the body we are not all hands nor all feet ect. 22 yrs ago after Jesus opened my eyes. God is our father . the Father of all life, and keeping that same thought when we ask our dads to cross a street , and if he gave his permission , i could go over to my friends house. thinking along this line and keeping all this in mind as a relationship . in searching the scriptures The Lord often used casting lots to give men answers to a dilemma they faced. i ask the Lord this in prayer, Lord i need an answer and this is the way i might know its from you. I want to participate in a state lottery. i need the answer within 7 days and if i dont get a clear answer i will know that its a NO! at that i will not mess with that. i want you to send me a one dollar bill. not find 3 quarters 2 dimes and a nickel but rather a one dollar bill. and i want it to be so clearly from you that i wont question . Now remember most all pastors are against all loteries, however who has allowed them? NOTHING HAPPENS OUTSIDE GODS DIRECT OR PERMISSIVE WILL. i was in a town called Arcade Ny. i was an over the rode trucker and i was to deliver a load to a facility that made foam products. like cutouts for musical instruments or like the cases that house or protect items that are either fragile or valuable . anyway when i got there the place i went had a machine breakdown. [let me pray for guidance so i can share this the way the Lord would have me.] as a new christian i remeber hearing about a Wednesday prayer meetings and i thought i might go and ask for prayer. i mean lets face it with out intersession we have nothing. here i am in a town i had never been in and in a state that was not always as open than other places. here i am in a town without any way to cash a check 2 days with out a shower no food left in my fridge in the truch . and out of town but NOT alone. the Holy Spirit was with me. i called a church and ask the pastor about assurance in salvation? i wanted to have the foundation to protect myself from any preaching that would damage my Faith. I then ask about a ride to church because most paved places do not want trucks in the lot for fear of damage to the lots. after our conversation i ask about a ride and explained about the 68 truck. he said bring your truck. when God opens the door its big enough for the truck and the driver. the day progressed and only at the very end of the work day did they unload my truck. when i called my dispatcher he said sorry Jeff but you are stuck. now on food no money except a truckers com-check and i was a smelly fella . well i drove to the church cause it was on the road on the way to the plant. as i stood i simply ask the Lord to use me? and i know the simple secret of pray without ceasing include Jesus in every conversation... he hears it any way. well going back i started if you face the very gates of hell praise the Lord because he will not let you bare more than you can handle. i went on saying i was facing 120 years in prison i had been accused of stuff i did not do yet part of it i had done. then i said if your house burns praise Jesus .. he will provide a bigger or smaller or an apartment or even a bridge to live under yet he will not leace you or turn away from you then i talked about a few other scenarios that we really dont want to face. yet we must maintain our praise. after service this guy walked up and said that God had spoke to him through me. really what did i say? he said his house had burned and there was no way that i could have known that. and further he was pissed [ his words] at God and had no intention of being at church but that his wife made him go. and now he was glad that he came. well now remember i was a bit hungry and no shower? in this order the next guy said i am to give you this and he handed a one dollar bill to me shrugged his shoulders and said stay in contact? the next guy ask if i wanted to go to McDonalds? yes please? then another guy said he worked at the supermarket and could cash that truckers check. and the the best part was when the pastor said they had a shower in the basement and that i could get cleaned up. the whole thing happened three days later. i have waited 22 years but it says to wait patiently on the Lord ... no where does say meke a plan and run. i could go on and on about how i had a contract on my life in prison and about asking for a new car in 92 and getting that new car 16 years later. a 1992 Mercury Marquis with 16000 miles on it and it was only 2000. dollars. or about the Dr. saying ill give you about 6 months... that was 8 years ago. and guess what i have a very huge hope for heaven... Grace unearned favor and mercy not getting what i truly deserve. so if anyone sees this and believes God can do anything? ask him to provide ? now i dont know if i should post this under other or financial? oh yes ask the Lord to prepare my heart to obey when he needs me to provide where he instructs.
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