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Rabecca My son and I are about to move out on our own after being homeless and living in a shelter for several months. I need prayer for my little guy that he adjusts well. Our situation has been hard on him and it shows in his behavior. I pray that this will help him and return him to the happy well adjusted lil boy he once was. And that I have the knowledge and wisdom to do right by him. 4 Years Ago Commit to pray Write a prayer for this person Share
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Ruth Rabecca: Everything happends in seasons. Have no fear that your son will be fine, he is going through this trying time, but it is also helping him with coping mechanisms. Most of his acting out is due to you his Mother. He loves you so much and wishes he could do something to help, so he is frustrated. It will get better. You just show and teach him that no matter what happends God is always on your side and he will never leave nor forsake either of you. God be with you both 4 Years Ago
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